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Russell Brand Calls Katy Perry’s Lifestyle “Vapid” In New Documentary

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Generally speaking, Russell Brand has actually been a total gentleman since his split from Katy Perry. I suppose it’s what you call being mature — he hasn’t talked shit about her or tried to make her look bad; in fact, he’s been incredibly complimentary and said how much he loved being with her. That is, until now.

In a new documentary BRAND: A Second Coming, Russell reflected on his time with Katy and completely went off on her “vapid” lifestyle and slammed fame, which he hates (despite the fact that it’s fame that’s even letting him make this documentary…)

From US Weekly:

“Oh my f—king god. I’m living this life of the very thing I detest,” Brand is seen exclaiming before a video of Perry is shown. “Vapid, vacuous celebrity. Fame and power is bulls—t.”

According to the Daily Mail, the actor, 40, also mocks Perry’s accent in the film and tells his friend Stephen Merchant that after traveling to Africa in 2010, he realized his relationship with the “Dark Horse” songstress was “not a resolution to anything spiritual” and that “at some point, to be happy, I’m going to have to walk away.”

Look, I’m not arguing with the fact that fame is fake and that Katy is a massive part of that world and enjoys it fully, but come on. YOU ARE FAMOUS. You do shit that only famous people get to do and clearly benefit from the world you’re a part of. You don’t get to slam anyone else as being “vapid” when you’re part of that same scene. Just because you’re not releasing your own perfume or performing with mechanical animals on a big pop tour doesn’t make you holier than thou. Do your yoga and your meditation, fine, but don’t act like you aren’t just as culpable.

They were never going to last and Katy was super naive to think they would. But she was young. Russell is a grown ass man who has been in that many relationships that he obviously knew what he was getting into. Katy is who she always was, so I doubt he only got some rude awakening after they tied the knot. In fact, I’m pretty sure he instigated much of their relationship, so… sorry, Russell, I’m not buying it.

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  • Her music is vapid and she helps or does write some of it so why would he expect anything deeper? Katy’s passion is fame and stardom…though he is famous he isn’t overexposed or in every offer he gets and
    basically has passions more important to him than fame…he’s got the expectations of someone who wants to be an intellectual snob. They were so wrong for each other but his honesty is refreshing I think she is a total fraud more like her parents than she lets up

    • She is a pop star what the hell do you expect her to sing about? Russell is a jackass being married to Katy upped his celeb factor 100% and he loved it his problem is was he is a whore