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Is Beyonce Really 34? Her Dad Hints She’s Lying About Her Age


As far as we all know, Beyonce is 34, right? Her birthday is said to be September 4, 1981, so it all checks out… except it’s been rumoured for years that Bey is actually a bit older than that, and there are a lot of inconsistencies out there that seem to support that theory. Most recently, Bey’s dad Matthew Knowles, who has gotten a bit desperate to be at all relevant since she fired him as her manager years ago, gave an interview with The Breakfast Club in which he basically said Beyonce is two years older than she says she is and that “they’ve” been lying for years, whoever they are.

“Pink, she’s the exact same age as Beyoncé,” Knowles told The Breakfast Club. Pink is 36 years old. “They’ve been lying about [Beyoncé’s] age the whole time.”

Two years doesn’t seem like much, and many of the reports that have been flying around say she’s as much as 7 years older than she says she is, which for some reason, I don’t find all that hard to believe.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, and we’ll probably never know either way. It’s not at all uncommon for celebrities to lie about their ages, but two years seems pretty stupid/inconsequential, so I don’t know if I’m gonna listen to Daddy Knowles here. Also, if he’s telling the truth, how are you gonna sell your kid out like that? I mean, he is running a “Beyonce Boot Camp” in Texas right now anyway, that’s apparently supposed to teach young wannabe stars how to be like his daughter, but like… this guy needs to relax.

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