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Lamar Odom Has Regained Consciousness

lamar odom

It’s been tough going for Lamar Odom over the past few days. After being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, he remained in a coma for nearly four days, with organ failure in his heart, kidneys, and lungs. However, things have finally taken a turn for the better as Odom has regained consciousness, though it’s still unclear what damage has been done and what is prospects for a full recovery actually are.

ET has learned that Lamar Odom has opened his eyes and has been able to communicate.

According to Alvina Alston, a spokesperson for Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer, the 35-year-old athlete was able to open his mouth and speak on Friday.

When his doctor asked how he was doing, Lamar gave a thumbs up and responded, “Good morning.”

Earlier in the day, a source told ET that when asked if he wanted to see his children, the former NBA star communicated “Yes,”. It is unclear if he spoke or used body language in that conversation.

That’s a good sign, for sure, and a definite improvement on where he was just a day ago. There’s still a lot up in the air and there’s a long road ahead of them, but it seems like he may actually escape this terrible situation with his life. Here’s hoping he’s able to make as close to a full recovery as is possible.

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