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Selma Blair Thinks Kris Jenner Is “A Part of All of Our Lives”

slema blair+kris jenner

Are you sick of America’s First Family yet? Well, guess what? They’re not going anywhere. And it’s about to get worse (or, better, depending on your view point.) Selma Blair is portraying Kris Jenner in a series for FX (American Crime Story) about the O.J. Simpson trial. Quite frankly, I am kind of beyond excited to see this. I love true crime, and I love cheesy TV movies about true crime. The only thing I don’t love about this, is it means more buzz for Kris Jenner. I am so over this woman. But whether it’s for the publicity or out of a deep, true belief that Kris Jenner is good, Selma Blair is all about complimenting the reality matriarch.


“It makes me sound so creepy, because I gush about Kris all the time and it sounds like I’m stalking [her]. But people have been asking me, so it’s not like I’m just volunteering my undying love for Kris.”

For the record: Blair, 43, does think Jenner, 59, is “a very strong person and I’m happy to be associated with her in any way.”

“I think we all have Kris Jenner osmosis, so it’s not too hard,” she said. “She’s a part of all of our lives somehow.”

Is, Selma? Is she really? It gets even more nauseating:

“I genuinely think that they’re a family that loves each other, and I find them to be very comforting TV,” she said, adding, “I think the whole family has changed the face of Earth.”

OK girl, I think you can remove your head from her ass now. You’ve done your time. BTW, here’s a recent pic of Blair and Jenner together:


Yeah, I guess I can see a resemblance? Maybe? Whatever, I’m still gonna watch this hot mess of a TV show, and I can’t wait.

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