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James Franco Is Now A Man After His Bar Mitzvah

james franco

James Franco may be 37 years of ages and a few decades too late, but he’s officially become a man! On Friday, he held a bar mitzvah  that hit two birds with one stone: celebrating his religion and helping a wonderful charitable cause. I feel like I didn’t realize James Franco was Jewish, but maybe I did – it seems vaguely familiar. Either way, mazel tov!

From YNet:

The ceremony took place as part of a charity event to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease, organized by comedian and close friend Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller Rogen.

“Since I’ve known James, he has talked about wanting a bar mitzvah,” Rogen said last July. “We are excited to see him finally becoming a man, and at the same time raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.” We can only wonder if after the tardy bar mitzvah, Franco will finally mature.

That seems strange that a bar mitzvah would also benefit a cause like Alzheimer’s Disease, but hey, why complain? It’s a good cause, and I love that Seth Rogen organized it. So good.


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