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Justin Bieber’s Relationship With Selena Gomez Was “A Marriage Kind Of Thing”

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been broken up for good (or for now… again?) for a while now, but both of them are still talking about it like it’s news, and we’re still listening. We know that Selena couldn’t answer whether or not she’d ever get back with Justin, but for Justin’s part, he’s definitely moved on, but he’s still feeling the scars that their relationship left on him.

Asked what he learned from falling in love at such a young age, Justin told Complex:

“Don’t fall in love. No, I’m just kidding. I learned a lot. I moved in with my girlfriend when I was 18. Started my own life with her. It was a marriage kind of thing. Living with a girl, it was just too much at that age. But we were so in love. Nothing else mattered. We were all about each other. But when it’s like that and you get your value from that, people will always disappoint you.

Your girl or your dude, they’re always going to disappoint you. Your full identity can’t be in that person. My identity was in her. Her identity was in me. When stuff would happen, I would lose my freakin’ mind, and she would lose her mind, and we would fight so hard because we were so invested in each other.”

That seems like a whole lot of bullshit no one cares about, but wait! Justin isn’t done dispensing his relationship wisdom for us all to learn from.

“Love is a choice. Love is not a feeling. People have made it seem in movies that it’s this fairy tale. That’s not what love is. You’re not gonna want to love your girl sometimes but you’re gonna choose to love her. That’s something in life that I had to figure out.

I can’t lean on people. I got to lean on God. I gotta trust in him through all my situations. Then, hopefully, my other relationships will flourish around me. But if I’m gonna be so invested in you, if you die, or something happens to you, I’m gonna be so destroyed, I won’t be able to go on. If I can love you and know that I’m not who I am because you’re being nice to me, but that I love you and I think you’re an incredible person but you’re just as broken as I am on the inside. We’re all just trying to figure it out.”

Yeah, you lean on God there, kid.

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