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WTF Is Rose McGowan’s “RM486” Music Video?

rose mcgowan

My eyes, my eyes! I am generally pretty ride or die for Rose McGowan – not actively, but in theory. I like that she’s pretty outspoken and doesn’t seem to give a shit, and the fact that she’s a bit nuts is the cherry on top. I love everything about her, even if I never pay attention to anything she actually does in Hollywood. But even I have my limits, and I seriously cannot support her foray into music with single “RM486” or more importantly, her video for the song, which is so many shades of weird that words truly won’t suffice.

I didn’t even realize that she was branching out into music, and I think, after this, it’s pretty safe to say that she probably shouldn’t have. Apparently she’s doing this because she actually hated acting and felt like she didn’t fit into the industry.

From Nowness:

Styled by Swedish fashion maverick B. Åkerlund, each of McGowan’s theatrical guises represents a different facet of the star’s morphing persona: from alien outsider (“Not only did I not fit in, I didn’t want to fit in,” she says of her formative years) to Hollywood starlet and beyond. Each persona carries a message, with the goth confronting people’s perception of beauty: “I actually think she’s the most beautiful,” McGowan says. Here the actor-turned director talks rocking the boat and kicking up an art fuss.

I consider myself pretty cultured and capable of abstract thinking, but… ??? Don’t believe me? Have a look at this:

rose mcgwan

I mean, I guess if this is what she’s feeling, good for her. If you want to watch the whole video to experience the weirdness for yourself, here ya go:

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