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Kris Jenner Didn’t Approve Of Kylie’s Lip Injections

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Kylie Jenner may be 18 now, but she certainly wasn’t when she started getting a shit ton of cosmetic procedures done. Many have criticised Kris Jenner for allowing her teenage daughter to turn herself into a 60-year-old woman ahead of her time, but turns out, Kris didn’t even know about the lip injections at first, and was “really upset” when she found out (what she thought about the boob job, the ass injections, etc. remains to be seen).

From Access Hollywood:

“I get a little crazy – and I think that is what no one sees – and I do have definite thoughts and ideas or [ideas on] what she should do, you know, at a really young age,” Kris told Billy. “I am from the generation that in my day, I mean, some of this stuff did not exist for sure but, I don’t think I did one thing physically to myself until I was in my 50s. So I am thinking…why, why?? Why do you need to do that??”

Adding, “I got really upset, and then it was done, and I had to let it go.”

Kris said she wasn’t “completely supportive,” but has moved on.

“Once that was done, it’s just my kid,” she said. “I love my kid. We make mistakes.”

I don’t for one second think Kris disapproved of the lip fillers, and she probably actually encouraged her to get them. I mean, come on – besides Kourtney, Kendall and Rob, every single member of that family has basically single-handedly paid a plastic surgeon’s lifetime wages and then some. I’m not even being shady – that’s just fact. None of them have the faces or bodies they were born with, so I’m not buying it. I think it’s really, really sad what’s happened to Kylie (and all of them, really), but what do you expect, growing up in that family?

Also, I can’t help but feel like she would have known about this… if she paid more attention to her children instead of how much money she could make off them.

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  • I don’t have kids so I don’t know the laws about this. But if you’re a minor and want these procedures done, don’t you need parental consent? Signed to a document and notarized? PMK is a lying sack of shit!

  • They will all become freakish ‘Blobs of melting, flopping silicone, ratty wigs and displaced, over tightened, bloated or flabby body parts, helped out and hidden by body guards.. blindly shuffling out of the limo into the surgeon’s office with an expensive scarf or jacket over their face.