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Christie Brinkley & John Mellencamp Might Be A Thing

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The last time we heard about John Mellencamp, it was just to report his breakup from Meg Ryan in 2014 after a three year relationship. As for Christie Brinkley, she divorced Peter Cook in 2008 and has kept a low profile since then. Now, John and Christie are apparently dating and pretty happy about it.

From Entertainment Tonight:

The 61-year-old supermodel was spotted at The Bowery Hotel in New York City on Monday night, where she was had dinner with none other than 63-year-old John Mellencamp.

Brinkley was stunning as usual, dressed down in jeans and high-top sneakers, while Mellencamp rocked an unconventional short-sleeve coat. If her big smile is any indicator, the pair seemed to enjoy their night out.

Christie is 61, and Botox or no, she looks fantastic. John is… I suppose a musical legend in his own right, sorta, but I still feel like he’s a total downgrade. Of course, these two could just be friends and it was a friendly outing that friends have. You know, super friendly.

What do you think? Are these two together? Is it going to last?

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  • Standards get reduced when you get older, but Christie was married to Billy Joel too, a drunk who was at least 1/2 foot shorter than she is, so there’s that. Uptown Girls know the way Downtown.

  • There is something wrong with a woman who goes through so many men. Are they all lacking in something?

    I think the problem is less with them and more than her. A good woman who is truly in love with a man appreciates him even when he’s having a bad day. Whatever happened to the vow in marriage for better or for worse? True love isn’t reserved just for the times when a couple has it good and they always look happy together.

    Life has its share of ups and downs. And couples who believe a marriage is an eternal fairy tale romance, they aren’t together for long in this world.