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Amy Schumer Got Drunk and Nosy At Jake Gyllenhaal’s Apartment


Amy Schumer is one of those celebrities that really divides people. Her fans like her a lot, and her non-fans absolutely hate her. So, depending on where you stand, you’ll either find this story delightful or annoying as hell.

Schumer sat down with Stephen Colbert and talked to him about what it was like to stay at Jake Gyllenhaal‘s apartment. Didn’t even realize they were friends, but whatever. (Schumer’s got quite the A-list set of friends, being new besties with Jennifer Lawrence and all.)


When Colbert asked if Schumer ever got nosy during her stay, she admitted to going “through all of Jake’s stuff.”

“Of course I did … everything,” she said. “The one thing that he did leave, because he really gutted the place, he left a frozen cake in his freezer and it was very old.”

Schumer, 34, said that – despite the sweet being inedible – every time she got drunk she’d eat chunks of the cake.

“I would get drunk and I would eat it and I would talk as if he were there and I was at the party that the cake was served at,” Schumer revealed.

[…] As Schumer chewed away at a giant, pink cake, she called herself “a princess,” adding, “I’m living here so I’m eating it.”

Yeah, I definitely don’t think that’s cute, and I usually hate when celebs brag about what good friends they are with other celebs, but whatever. It’s probably one of the least offensive things she’s ever done. God, that cake sounds absolutely nasty, though.

(Why yes, it is a slow news weekend, how could you tell?)

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