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Prince Harry’s Coming Back To London… To Get Married?

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Prince Harry has been in Africa for the past three months, and now he’s getting ready to head back to London. The royals are getting ready to party and celebrate his return, but there is one serious question on everyone’s mind that will undoubtedly become more and more talked about once the party is over: When is Harry going to settle down? He’s now 30 years old and it’s high time he gets married and starts getting into royal life, so could he be planning to do so with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy?

From The Daily Beast:

One thing is certain, Harry wants to find a wife. He has said so himself on several occasions, and twice publicly.

And the endlessly fascinating subject of Harry’s love life appears unlikely to fade as a subject of tabloid obsession, especially after reports surfaced in the Sun newspaper claiming that while he was in Africa, Harry met up with his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy, and the two are now “openly discussing giving their relationship another go”.

Sources have long told the Royalist that Harry and Chelsy have continued to hold a candle for each other.

Chelsy, a Zimbabwean by birth, split up with her boyfriend, jeweler Charles Goode, in January.

Chelsy and Harry have long been thought by many of their friends to be made for each other—they were both known for their love of wild partying when they dated between 2004 and 2010.

It was widely rumored at the time that they had planned to marry, but that Chelsy took fright at the prospect of living in the royal goldfish bowl following the wedding of William and Kate.

A reunion would be welcomed by many of their set, but—if it does happen—any revived relationship would be conducted with the utmost clandestine secrecy.

Huh, go figure. Frankly, Chelsy is the only girlfriend I ever remember Harry having, though there have obviously been tons of others. It does seem likely that he’d get back with her and that she’d be the one he finally ties the knot with, but I can see why she’d be reticent about joining such a high profile family. You really do give up your entire life, and not many people are cut out for it.

She could take a note from Kate’s book, however. Kate does her royal duties, but outside of that prefers to keep her family’s life private, which is definitely new for the royal family.

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