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Justin Bieber Cried Mystery Tears At The VMAs

justin bieber

Justin Bieber apparently hasn’t performed at the VMAs for five years, but last night he made a triumphant (???) return to perform “Where Are U Now” and “What Do You Mean” and it was rather average. Both songs are okay (“Where Are U Now” is actually amazing), but the most memorable part of the performance was when Justin started crying. Why the tears? What was so emotional about the performance? Is Justin Bieber dealing with depression? Was he scared when he had to float in mid-air? None of it makes any sense!

Then again, I suppose in later interviews, he’ll say it was that he just felt emotional about the “journey” he’s been on and he feels “blessed” to be doing what he loves because he’s just a sweet young man from rural Ontario and now he’s a world famous superstar. Isn’t that what they all say?

I wonder what Selena Gomez was doing was young Justin was blubbering like a baby on stage. Did she comfort him afterwards? Are they going to get back together for the 900th time? I have so many questions that I vaguely care about the answers to, so if someone could answer them soon, that’d be great.

P.S. Can we please talk about JB’s lesbian/Kate Gosselin haircut going on right now? What’s happening?

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  • Just embarrassment and fear at his failing career expecting people to boo him, shame at his well publicized hateful behavior and forced rehab of his rotten character, being off booze and drugs to perform this..