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Justin Bieber Is A Rapper Now

justin bieber

A few months ago, joke rapper and Katy Perry’s possible ex-boyfriend RiFF RaFF claimed that Justin Bieber was going to be on his new album. No one really believed him, since hello, it’s a grown man who calls himself “RiFF RaFF”, but it seems he was actually telling the truth. On Saturday, Horst (yes, that’s his real name) posted a video to his Instagram page of himself and Justin sitting in a car, previewing the track they did together. Also, Justin actually raps in it! Because Justin Bieber is a rapper now, apparently.

How RiFF RaFF managed to convince Justin Bieber that appearing on his album was a good idea is beyond me, but good on him, because it’ll probably quadruple the amount of albums they would have sold otherwise, just from Bieber fans.

What do you think of Justin’s rapping skills?

RiFF RAFF x @JustinBieber ON THE WAY

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