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One Direction “Drag Me Down” Video Is Here & Zayn-Less

drag me down

“Drag Me Down” is One Direction‘s first single since Zayn Malik quit the band, and while a lot of fans (and critics) were concerned with how Zayn’s departure would affect the group’s future music, it seems those worries were unfounded, because this song is good as hell. I don’t miss Zayn at all, and in fact, I kind of feel like this track might be their best single yet, which is saying something because no matter whether you like 1D or not, they have some catchy writers.

In any case, the single’s been out for a couple of weeks now, at least over here in the UK, and now the video is here for your enjoyment! I’m not really sure about the space theme, but hey, let’s go with it! They’re young, they’re hot, they’re rich! Let’s all have fun! Or… something.

I mean, will I ever buy a One Direction album? No, likely not. But I will say this is a jam and I bop to it every time it comes on the radio in the car. Zayn who?

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