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Kim Kardashian Is A Hillary Clinton Supporter

kim kardashian hillary clinton

If we’re going to be honest with each other, I think we can all admit that Kim Kardashian likely knows next to nothing about politics, the political process, or much about what’s going on in the world aside from the few things Kanye/her publicist tells her to tweet about. But she’s super jazzed that Hillary Clinton is running for president and since it’s likely that Hill will get the Democratic nomination and is the best chance we’ve got at avoiding a Donald Trump presidency, she’s throwing all her support behind the former First Lady.

Here’s how Kim captioned the above photo:

kim kardashian instagram

I’m sure you really do love it, Kim. I love campaign season, when all the celebs come out in droves to start urging everyone to vote and pretending they’re super plugged into the Big Issues in this country. Obviously it’s a good thing at the end because fans are impressionable and it does encourage activism, but the fact that we’re meant to believe that most of these celebrities pay attention to politics on a daily basis is a joke. Then again, it’s not like I’m super plugged in, either, so whatever.

Not to be outdone, momager Kris Jenner also got in on the Hillary action (and apparently more plastic surgery action):

An Honor to meet you Hillary Clinton! Great evening… #ohjustchatting

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