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Simon Cowell Helped Zayn Malik Get His Solo Record Deal

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Zayn Malik left One Direction a few months ago after he was caught cheating yet again and his fiance, Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, had had enough. Of course, it was only a matter of time before he got a solo deal, because he’s far too used to the fame and money already to just walk away from it for good to live a “normal life”, as he tried to claim. Incidentally, Simon Cowell, who signed One Direction, was instrumental in helping him get that deal, and Zayn’s solo career is officially a go!

Well, I guess that’s… great. I can’t imagine his solo career going that well. I guess he can sing, but he’s got the charisma of drying paint, so… I’m not holding my breath for this.

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  • My understanding of him leaving One Direction was that he wanted to get away from the entertainment biz and to step away from it all. I guess he is either having a change of heart and that he really is sincere in his efforts to go solo or I wonder if he misses the financial comfort that performing and putting an album together brings to the table. The fact that he has been away for awhile will probably hurt his solo career, but if he can perform some good “bubblegum pop hits” than all will be forgotten.