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Katy Perry Weighs In On Taylor Swift’s Cluelessness

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Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time. After Nicki Minaj‘s frustration with the MTV VMAs (and the music industry at large) prompted Taylor Swift to open her mouth and promptly stick her foot in it while showing the world what an arrogant, self-absorbed asshole she is, celebrities started weighing in. However, one voice rose above the rest and oh, it was glorious (even if it was vaguely nonsensical). Katy Perry, do your thing.

If you’re having trouble parsing what she’s going for here, since it wasn’t stated all that eloquently, Katy’s basically saying it’s fucking hilarious that someone who can make a video like “Bad Blood” – which is basically like the music video version of Mean Girls with Katy as the target of Taylor and her girl gang’s wrath – and then try to peddle a bullshit brand of feminism that has no bearing on the real world and is totally fake, you need to step off.

Then again, Katy’s been trying to put us on for a while now, and we just weren’t listening:

regina george

I know the “feud” between Katy and Taylor is petty, but if you think about it, it’s kinda been Taylor that’s drama queen, here. She’s the one who’s spoken most directly about it in interviews/tried to create drama. I mean, SHE MADE A SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO ABOUT THE FEUD. I’m so over it. Taylor doesn’t care about propping up women, she cares about propping up herself and her own career. Bye, girl. Katy HAD to speak up. It’s too delicious.

Now all we need is for Rihanna to join the game and drag her, but I feel like it’s just too much to hope for.

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  • Both of these bitches need to grow up. And whether you agree or not Katy is just as selfish and self-absorbed as TayTay is…..don’t even get me started on Nikki Minaj. To all 3 a message: NOBODY GAF ABOUT MTV

  • I agree that this whole thing is so petty and ridiculous but Taylor Swift is awful and I’m glad she’s finally being called out. Her immature behavior has irritated the hell out of me and I never understood why people adore her so much. She is a grown ass woman acting like a junior high girl.