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Kanye West Has Naked Amber Rose Pics On His Computer & Kim Kardashian’s Not Happy

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Let’s take a divorce break (for now) and keep up with the Kardashians (heh) by reporting on the fact that Kim Kardashian is apparently piiiiiissed at Kanye West over the fact that he still has naked pics of ex-girlfriend Amber Rose on his computer. You may remember Kanye’s slut-shaming bullshit in which he claimed that he had to “take 30 showers” after dating her, but apparently she’s still good enough to look at naked and jerk off over, if this news is true!

From Closer (via the Mirror):

The pregnant reality star discovered the pictures after she caught her partner looking at his ex girlfriend’s Instagram page, according to Closer magazine.

To make matters worse Kim, who is expecting baby number two, feels particularly threatened by Amber’s sexy pictures at the moment because of her extra baby weight.

A source told the magazine: “Kim found Kanye looking at Amber’s Instagram page and went ballistic. It’s really damaged her confidence. He told her she was being ridiculous.”

“She then went to his compute and found he still had old intimated pics and videos from their relationship. Kim was sobbing and confronted Kanye, telling him he had betrayed her, but her reassured her none of it was a big deal.”

They added: “She feels insecure about her changing body and hates seeing Amber parading her amazing figure. She has told friends she sometimes feels like Amber is the third woman in their marriage and just wants something to be done to erase her out of their lives.”

A representative for Kim Kardashian has now denied the report and claimed it was a “complete fabrication”.

I mean, this does kinda sound like bullshit, but then, it also doesn’t seem that crazy so as to be untrue. Kanye obviously saw something in Amber he liked quite a lot, and she’s sexy and owns that sexuality. Kim’s body type isn’t far off from Amber’s, really – save for the fact that Amber is 5’9″ and Kim isn’t tall enough to ride the big kids rides – so it’s whatever.

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  • Amber has what he wants. Kim’s dead in bed (seen the video?); sure he misses the good times. Married Kimho thinking she was respected & loved, like the woman he really wanted, Beyoncé. That bubble popped…………….

  • Amber is a ho, KTrash is a ho, they are both ridiculously looking but I think Amber probably appreciates other human beings more than KTrash does.

  • This is so funny and packed with pot, kettle.. blackened and you ruined your whatever good looks to become a dead-eyed fug ugly squat and fat ho’ troll under a bridge, ahem.. wanting whatever to look and lust after you, pay you money.. such a made up, laughable story line lie. You don’t even like Kanye or your child, Miss Selfish.. it’s all about you.. get some glasses, see the freak emerge from what was once Kim.. and buy some faint moral clues on why you aren’t desirable, acceptable and admired by anyone!!!