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Sienna Miller & Tom Sturridge End Their Four Year Relationship

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To be completely honest, I’ve never paid much attention to Sienna Miller or Tom Sturridge, and certainly not to them as a couple. I do know they had seemingly been together for ages, by Hollywood standards – turns out, it was only four years, and that relationship is over, anyway. That’s right, Miller & Sturridge have split and now they’re back on the dating scene, if any of you are interested.

“They were in a bit of a rough patch for awhile,” one insider close to the American Sniper actress tells Us of the couple, who started dating quietly in 2011. “Their schedules on top of raising a child started to get to them.”

Sturridge, 29, and Miller, 33, welcomed their daughter, Marlowe, in July 2012. In an interview with London’s Time Out magazine this past January, the actress was frank about the ups and downs of motherhood. “It’s a shock, of course it is,” she said. “Some people find it really easy, but for me I found it really hard.”

Right, so another regular breakup where things just didn’t work out. Four years is a good go of things, so this isn’t one of those standard revolving door celebrity romances. Too bad for them, but given how hush-hush and low key their entire relationship was, I think it should stay relatively drama-free, which is good for their kid.

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  • Considering her bad reputation which she has admitted probably keeps her from being a bankable star–4 years must have been a lifetime.