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Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Bill Cosby Is A Serial Rapist’

whoopi goldberg bill cosby

Looks like someone finally sat Whoopi Goldberg down and warned her that her career was going to be more over than it already is if she didn’t shape up soon, because she’s suddenly changed her tune when it comes to Bill Cosby. While up until a few days ago, Whoopi was staunchly defending Bill and spewing her standard victim-blaming BS. Not anymore! Now Whoopi is calling Bill a “serial rapist” and acting like she’s seen the light.

This change of heart came courtesy of a legal expert Whoopi brought on The View on Tuesday, though she literally never discussed why she’s suddenly done a 180 in her stance, and that’s probably because it’s complete bullshit. Whoopi doesn’t suddenly believe the dozens of women who accused Cosby of sexual assault, she’s just trying to hang onto the last remaining threads of her career. F*ck this, and f*ck Whoopi Goldberg. This segment is bullshit, and you can tell even she thinks so while she’s asking the questions/listening to the answers. The constant, “Right, right…” is shorthand for “Yeah, okay, whatever!”

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