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Why Is Kris Jenner Wearing A Trash Bag?

kris jenner

We all know by now that Kris Jenner is a hot ass mess. She’s 59 and looks damn good (yet terrifying), thanks to a plastic surgeon whose entire pension her family’s business will probably pay handsomely, and good for her. But the desperation that seeps from everything this woman does is just so, so sad and incredibly obvious. She’s gone to great lengths to pimp her own daughters out to see that $$$$ rolling in, but it wasn’t until after she started cashing the checks that Kris realized she wanted some of the attention, too. After all, what good is money if you don’t also have fame?

The only way around this has been to try and mold herself into her daughters, particularly Kim, whose face hers resembles more and more with every procedure. There’s also the “fashion” choices, which are… quite special. As you can see above, Kris decided to try out the new Hefty Fall 2015 line while out and about this weekend. How special.

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