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Reese Witherspoon Hates Sofia Vergara & Her Dumb Accent

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Because women can’t co-exist in Hollywood without being either BFFs or violent rivals, the latest reports of the latter comes from Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. They did that shitty “comedy” Hot Pursuit together earlier this year, and while it seemed like they totally got along great, it turns out Reese apparently hates Sofia and her dumb laugh and stupid accent. She wouldn’t feel so strongly about Sofia, of course, had the movie not flopped. But since it has, it’s obviously down to Sofia and not to the fact that Reese herself sucks, the script sucks, or anything else.

“Sofia and Reese have turned the movie’s failure into a brutal blame game,” an insider told “Reese blames Sofia’s accent and ‘irritating laugh,’ while Sofia blames Reese for not being sexy or funny enough.”

As if things weren’t awkward enough, both women are represented by Witherspoon’s husband, agent Jim Toth! “Jim is desperately trying to broker peace between them, but then they start accusing him of playing favorites! He can’t win.”

The actresses are reportedly ‘devastated’ by the monetary and critical failure. “A laugh could die of loneliness in this shrill, slapstick buddy farce,” one critic said. “The proven comic gifts of Witherspoon and Vergara have gone MIA.”

Look, I get that every woman 40 and over wants to be Sandra Bullock, the queen of every genre (and co-star of the BEST female buddy cop movie ever, The Heat), but it’s not going to happen. Especially not with these two. I don’t mind either of them – they’re harmless at best – but neither really has enough “star quality” on her own to complete pull off a movie like Hot Pursuit. Plus, the writing was baaaaaad, so it was basically a double recipe for failure.

Anyway, I don’t necessarily think that this is true, considering the source, but if it is, Reese needs to check her racism and Sofia needs to relax with the sexiness brigade. It’s all gonna be okay, ladies. You’re still rich.

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  • I’m sorry, where is Reese being racist? You misuse the term. If I mock English or New Zealander or Australian accents, and I’m a white honky devil, am I racist? NNNNNope. She’s racist if she believes that someone of another sub-species of homo sapiens is inferior BY MERE VIRTUE of their sub-species. But that’s not the case here. Try to take easy, look forward to the weekend, and have a drink or two.

    Buuuuut you’re probably correct about the movie. But I only saw the ads for it, and it didn’t look interesting enough to shell out 9.50 for a ticket and god knows how much for a small coke to go see.