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Caitlyn Jenner Paints Her Nails As Crash Impact Footage Leaks

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I’m proud of Caitlyn Jenner for how comfortable she’s become in her own skin, and how much she’s enjoying the experience of finally being who she is in the world. It must feel so freeing, and like such a relief, to not have to hide yourself anymore. It’s great, and I think the video she posted on WhoSay yesterday of her practicing painting her nails is really cute… but it’s just a weird juxtaposition with the other Caitlyn-related video that popped up online around the same time, showing the moment of impact from her fatal car crash earlier this year that killed a woman.

First, here’s the video from the crash, which was incredibly violent and just terrible. The footage was caught from the security cameras on an MTA bus that was also on the Pacific Coast Highway when the accident happened (obviously).

Now, as you probably remember, Jenner wants the wrongful death suit she’s facing to be thrown out, not because she wasn’t at fault, but because the family of the woman who died in the accident wasn’t giving them money, so why should Jenner have to? Caitlyn gets a MAJOR side eye from me on this one, and I’m not sure why no one’s talking about this as much as they’re talking about a video of her fucking painting her nails, but here we are. That’s Hollywood!

Still getting the hang of this. What do you think of the color?

A video posted by Caitlyn Jenner (@caitlynjenner) on

In other news, what do you think of the colour?

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  • How many times do i have to tell you??? Caitlyn didn’t kill that woman, BRUCE did…and Bruce is also dead. Therefore we should just ignore this woman’s death because in the grand scheme of Hollywood, Caitlyn’s nail color is WAY more important than this poor woman being pushed into head on traffic. *ugh*

  • I won’t comment on the nail issue you seem to have. And if Caitlyn Jenner has to pay for her wrongdoings, she has to pay. That’s just to clarify my position. BUT what I found particularly horrible is that this site and others have shown the video of the fatal crash. I know that every day we see more horrific and unnecessary violent videos on the news, but in this case I put myself in the victim’s family’s shoes and I wouldn’t want to see the death of a loved one online for every eye to see in slow motion and with added pointers.

  • In order to sue you need to have standing. For wrongful death you need in order to recover you need to have lost some financial aspect from that person not just an emotional loss or be a spouse or child. You don’t have to like it but the issue is with the law not with Caitlyn Jenner.