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Paula Deen Will Never Learn…

paula deen

If there’s one thing you would’ve thought Paula Deen would know by now, it’s that racism doesn’t fly. You can’t go around shamelessly displaying your bigotry and expect people not to react vocally. In fact, you would assume that after her last foray into the land of “WOO HOO, WHITE PEOPLE!” a few years back, she’d have learned that, you know, people of colour deserve respect and dignity, but alas – you really can’t take the racism out of the racist. And this time around, she’s taken it to a new level by having her son Bobby dress in brownface for a completely tasteless I Love Lucy parody.

I mean, because you know, no one would have gotten what on earth she was going for had Bobby not smeared is face with brown makeup to show that he was portraying Desi Arnaz. It was so necessary, given that Lucille Ball is one of the most recognizable stars in history and Paula’s wig gave it away. LORD give us all strength not to smack this whole ignorant ass family into next week.

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  • How about you do your research? This picture was taken a few years ago and they were dressed up for Halloween! It was even on her show! I am sick of all the whiny cry babies. How is this racist to dress up like Ricky? If I decide to dress up like Diana Ross for Halloween am I supposed to keep my lily-white skin? Get a grip. I’m offended at you being offended!

    • A skin colour is not a costume you ignorant sack of shit. Look up fucking blackface in the US.