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Charlize Theron Iced Sean Penn Out Without Warning

charlize theron sean penn

We know that Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have called off their engagement, but up until now we had no idea what actually went down. Did Sean’s violent streak rear its ugly head? Did Charlize finally take off the rose-coloured glasses she’s been wearing for the past 18 months? Who can say? What we do know is that Charlize is the one who ended it, and apparently it happened without warning. That’s right, she totally cut him off out of nowhere. LOVE IT.

“Charlize wasn’t responding to his calls and texts,” the source tells US Weekly. “She just cut it off.”

It’s all pretty strange, though, because they were recently in Cannes together and showed “no signs of tension or a breakup”, so clearly SOMETHING happened that made Charlize think, “Hold up… this is a bad idea.” What that was, we may never know (and frankly, it’s not really any of our business, but this IS a celebrity gossip blog).

One thing’s clear, though: Charlize is smart as shit, and getting rid of Sean Penn is her wisest decision yet.

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  • Once again, as I said before, good work Charlize. Perhaps she considered his severe leftist kooky ideology (as the editors of EBG have embraced mightily) might not be appropriate as an association as regards her movie career. Plus the dude is ugly as sin and has aged considerably. Would you wanna look at that mug as he’s pounding you? Nope. Nuh uh.

  • She most likely had enough of his drunken tantrums and figgered out he would eventually beat the $hit out of her.

  • Bossing her about, forcing his opinions and not caring for her view or input. Too needy for all the attention. Proving he’s a liar. not the compassionate charity minded humanitarian but in it for applause and profit probably finished him off as a friend and lover she can trust..