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Tiger Woods Got The Bobby Flay Treatment At The US Open

tiger woods

Tiger Woods absolutely choked during the first round of the US Open on Thursday, leaving many to wonder how in the hell this guy ever became a golf champion. Then again, he had reason to be a little distracted, considering he recently broke up with girlfriend Lindsey Vonn… and oh yeah, he got the Bobby Flay treatment when someone flew a plane banner reading “CHEATER” over the course. Yikes!


I’ll never really understand why men feel it’s so hard to keep it in their pants, and also why the worst offenders (showbiz-wise, that is) tend to be the hottest messes. Like, who’s really falling all over themselves to get with Bobby Flay or Tiger Woods? I just don’t understand.

Anyhow, if you want to watch Tiger completely ruin his entire golf course in one round, enjoy!

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