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Enrique Iglesias Seriously Injured In Concert Drone Accident

enrique iglesias drone

As far as entertainers go, I’ll admit that I don’t really give a rip about Enrique Iglesias. I’m not necessarily his target demo and he’s got plenty of ladies (and gentlemen!) that DO love him, so I like to think we coexist peacefully on this planet. However, I do have to report some rather crazy news, which is that he nearly got his hand chopped off by a drone during a concert in Mexico this weekend!

From TMZ:

It happened Saturday night in Tijuana, where Enrique was performing to a crowd of 12,000.  The drone is part of the concert.  He sometimes grabs it as it flies around, showing the audience his POV.

But this time he grabbed the wrong part, and the drone sliced into his hand.  He went to the side of the stage for help, and he was advised to pull the plug on the concert and get immediate medical attention. But Enrique went on for 30 minutes, with a blood-soaked t-shirt.

The singer was rushed to the airport where an ambulance was waiting to give him first aid.  He then flew to L.A. to meet with a specialist.

Um, that’s crazy, right? First of all, I know drones are the thing right now, for some reason, but REALLY? Why is it even necessary? They’re dangerous AND dumb and I don’t see the point of them. Thankfully it seems like he’s going to be okay, but I hope he’s learned his lesson and this weird portion of his show is taken out.

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