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Nick Loeb Is Allowed To Sue Sofia Vergara For Her Embryos

Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb

In what’s likely the most ridiculous news I’ve heard this week (Josh Duggar excluded, of course), apparently some judge has ruled that Nick Loeb, ex-fiance of Sofia Vergara, has ruled that he has the right to sue her over those frozen embryos that he wants to turn into babies against her wishes – oh, and against the contract HE SIGNED HIMSELF. What the fuck?

From Entertainment Tonight:

Vergara’s ex was granted permission today to file an amended lawsuit allowing him to seek custody of the two female embryos that were created from his sperm and Vergara’s eggs while they were still in a relationship.

The revised complaint is the first time Loeb is seeking custody, and the paperwork includes a new claim that Vergara, 42, breached an oral agreement to create the embryos and bring them to term via a surrogate. “He does believe they are his daughters,” Loeb’s lawyer Christina Goodrich explained on Tuesday.

Today, Vergara’s lawyer Fred Silberberg told the Santa Monica, Calif., court that Goodrich took too long to file this argument. “[The] plaintiff is using this lawsuit to continue to attack [Vergara] in the press and continue to have his own visibility in the press,” he said.

As Vergara and Loeb signed a consent form that required they both have to agree before anything can be done with the embryos, Silberberg added, “There is no legal issue.”

I really need this asshole to get a grip on reality. Nick Loeb isn’t fighting so hard to save these frozen embryos because he’s desperate to be a father. If that was the case, he could go out and adopt or get another woman pregnant immediately. He’s doing this because he’s bitter that he’s lost her and that she’s moved on, and this is his way of trying to make her life a living hell. Way to go, dude. You win the grand prize in pathetic behaviour for today.

Oh, and you KNOW he’s also the type of douchebag to – if in some universe he got his own way, which he won’t – Loeb would be trying to hit her up for child support.

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