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Josh Duggar Makes Incest Joke In Old Episode Of ’19 Kids And Counting’ — VIDEO

josh duggar

This weird thing always happens where, when a serious scandal is uncovered, all this proof that it was going on over the years is suddenly looked back upon and everyone’s like, “Oh shit, how did we not see this?” Such is the case with Josh Duggar, who molested a bunch of underage girls and is basically a complete and under shitbag. Turns out, he wasn’t all that secretive about his disgusting ways and on a 2008 episode of 19 Kids and Counting, he made a weird incest joke that – knowing what we know now – comes off is really, REALLY creepy.

I don’t even know what to say about this, to be honest. This man is disgusting, and the fact that he has a daughter is terrifying. I hope someone steps in before it’s too late. You don’t suddenly just “get over” it and start being a decent human being.

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