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Keira Knightley Gives Birth To Her First Child

keira knightley james righton

We only found out right before Christmas that Keira Knightley was pregnant with her first child with husband James Righton, and since then, she’s kept a pretty low profile. That’s why, even though I’m pleased to report to you that Keira has now given birth and the pair have a healthy new baby, that’s just about all I can tell you.

US Weekly confirmed that Keira had the baby, but no one knows the gender, when the baby was born, what the name is, etc. And really, why should we? I mean, I’m sure we will eventually since privacy is not the name of the celebrity game, but I suppose fans will have to be content for now knowing that Keira and James are parents now.


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  • There have been many blind items about her being a lickalottapus, but she appears to have grinned and born (get it!?) it long enough to conceive. Perhaps it was with a turkey baster anyhoo.