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Are Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson An Item?

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The last we talked about Jake Gyllenhaal, it was when he was telling Ellen that he’d totally let his mom set him up on a blind date. Looks like his mom’s off the hook, however, as he seems to be hooking up with fellow actor Ruth Wilson, with whom he previously starred in the Broadway show Constellations. Oooh!

From Page Six:

The 34-year-old Nightcrawler actor and the 33-year-old The Affair actress attended a Barry’s Bootcamp class together on Saturday (May 9) in New York City’s Noho neighborhood.

After the workout, Jake waited for Ruth to shower and change in the locker room. After she emerged from the room, they shared a “passionate but tasteful kiss” before leaving separately.

First of all, I love that a new couple’s idea of a date is to go to a workout bootcamp where you get your ass handed to you by some beefed up personal trainer. I’m not even being sarcastic – I literally love it.

Second of all, “passionate but tasteful”? That to me says “BEARD!” at high volume, but what do I know. Ruth Wilson could totally do better, though.

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  • If she is transitioning yep .. he’s good. He’s so experimental, unorthodox avant-garde this will put him over the top with happiness.. Think of it.. Ruth..? Babe Ruth.. Wilson.. like it’s a guy-gipsy song to his ears.