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Guard Your Children: Lindsay Lohan Is Working At A Daycare Center

lindsay lohan

A judge recently told Lindsay Lohan that she needed to re-do (or, you know, do in the first place) over 100 hours of community service by May 28th. And while it’s unlikely she’ll actually get there, the thought of going to prison hasn’t been sitting too well with her, because Lindsay headed back to New York this week… to start working at a Brooklyn daycare center. GUARD YOUR CHILDREN!

From TMZ:

We’ve learned the Duffield Children’s Center will be Lindsay’s community service center of choice as she comes down to the wire in her probation case. As we reported, she’s only completed 9 1/2 hours of the 125 and has until May 28 to finish.

Based on our calculations, she’ll have to work 7 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach 125 hours by the deadline. If she does, she’ll be taken off probation and the case will be closed. If she doesn’t, the judge has promised she’ll do jail time to serve out her sentence.

As we reported … Linds had gone M.I.A. in London over the weekend, but it appears she’s finally surfaced in NYC, and claims she’s “ready to help.”

Duffield honchos tell TMZ Lindsay will help kids with arts and crafts, reading and she’ll also do administrative work. LiLo has done work there before and they say they’re happy to have her back.

I will say that the kids really did take to her if it’s the same place she visited during her “documentary” series a while back, and she actually wasn’t terrible at it. The thing is, Lindsay could actually be a legitimately nice, caring, warm human being when she cares to actually TRY at anything. Mostly I suppose it’s easier to lie around doing drugs and drinking (ALLEGEDLY) than to actually get your life in order…

Who wants to place bets on whether or not she’ll actually get this done?

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