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Katy Perry Is Looking Forward To Her Summer Vacation

katy perry

Katy Perry is JUST finishing up her Prismatic World Tour for the summer and is ready for a break. She started the tour all the way back in May 2014 and it won’t actually end until the end of October, so no one can say homegirl doesn’t work hard – 150 concerts in a year and a half is INTENSE, so good for her.

In any case, since Katy has June, July and part of August to regroup and relax, there are certain things she wants to accomplish, like hanging out with women so they can talk about their dreams and going to farmers markets.

From OK! Mag (via ONTD):

Katy prefers to date comedians: “My perfect date is really so simple – I like connection, good conversation and jokes. I love jokes.”

On if she’s good at switching off from work mode: “No – put me on a desert island with no phone and I’ll already probably have a phone hidden in some box.” 

What she’s looking forward to during her summer off: “This summer, I want to have genuine, normal, experiences, like going to the famers’ market and picking fruit. This is a fantastic life I live, but you don’t get to get your own coffee any more. But please! Don’t feel sorry for me!” 

On how she likes to spend her free time: “I love girls. I have an incredible, strong group of girls. We do this thing called ‘women’s meetings’ where we talk about our dreams and what we’re grateful for and we put flowers in our hair and drink tea. Stuff like that. I want to treat women like I would treat myself. We have to stick together.”

I’d just like to remind everyone that this is a 31-year-old woman whose priorities include putting flowers in her hair and talking about dreams. I mean, look, you’re never too old to embrace your inner child, I guess, but does it need to be done so literally?

When it comes to the farmers’ market and coffee, though, we’re definitely on the same page. Just make sure it’s iced.

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  • Katy should make up with TayTay and hang out with her and her A list bffs. TayTay makes just as bad choices in men as Katy does so they have that in common, who knows sparks might fly between them!