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Kelly Preston’s ‘Sex Secrets’ To Be Revealed In New Tell-All Book

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A few years back, some whack job named Robert Randolph put out a book called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, an unofficial (obviously) tell-all that said John Travolta is a gay sex addict and detailed his exploits over the years. Well, Randolph, being the prolific writer he is, has more in him yet! Now he’s ready to reveal Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston‘s “sex secrets”, of which she apparently has many!

From Radar Online:

Randolph told The National ENQUIRER: “In the beginning, I was under the spell that maybe Kelly was the innocent one in the marriage. But that may not be true.”

“I have heard things about her from people I’ve interviewed who claim she’s hiding her own sex secrets,” added Randolph.

The author added of his tell-all covering Preston, 52, and 61-year-old Travolta: “The new book will dig into whether Kelly and John have a ‘fake marriage’ to fool his fans.”

But that’s not all, promises Randolph. “I’m also checking out rumors that Kelly boozes and pops pills, and that both she and John once both shared the same sexual partner!”

Wow, sounds like an absolute page turner and a must read! I love that this weirdo doesn’t think there’s anything at all strange about the fact that he seems to be dedicating his life to someone else’s sex life. And not even just “someone else” – a celebrity he doesn’t know and has never met.

Sure, we all know Travolta’s gay, but so what? He doesn’t want to be out, so he’s not. Let the man live. Let him cruise for dudes and be brainwashed by Scientology for the rest of his days, if that’s what he so desires (and it clearly is). As for Kelly, I mean… whatever. Does anyone even care?

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