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Robert Downey Jr. Walked Out Of An Interview

robert downey jr walks out of interview

Robert Downey Jr. was doing an interview with London’s Channel 4 News on Monday to promote The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, but things didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of just talking about the movie and, you know, acting, the reporter decided to ask him about his seedy past and RDJ wasn’t feeling it. So he did what any badass would do: he got up and walked out of the interview. Of course, that was after he told Krishnan Guru-Murphy that he was getting “a little too Diane Sawyer-y”. Ha!

That’s gotta be tough as a reporter, because the chances that this dude wrote his own questions are slim to none, so it’s an awkward position to be in. Then again, if you have integrity, you should aim to ask questions that are unique, that people want to hear about and that are also respectful to the entertainer… especially when he’s asking about shit that happened YEARS ago and that RDJ has talked about 200 times already. Yikes.

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  • Agreed. Rdj was actually pretty nice about it. That stuff is old news but also a topic (drug arrest, daddy issues) that should only be brought up if the person agreed to discuss in advance. No tact or class

  • I thought you were British or had lived in Britain? Surely you must know the guy. I have literally no doubts Guru-Murphy wrote the questions, this is the same guy who made Tarantino walk out last year. I like him, I like that someone challenges celebrities instead of just flattering them endlessly, especially celebrities as shitty and entitled as those two. He is a great reporter.

    • I have lived in England and spend 1/2 my time there, but I don’t really get my news from Channel 4, so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance on that one ;) Whether or not he’s a great reporter, I think it’s a cheap trick to continue reverting back to the same old shit RDJ has talked about 500 times over.

  • Isn’t this the reporter Michael Jackson let into Neverland ranch, then said reporter threw MJ even further under the bus? Not a fan. Shady instigator. Shit stirrer. Ulterior motives, etc. I thought RDJ handled that well…