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Hillary Clinton Is Running For President – It’s Official!

hillary clinton

This weekend, something super important happened that you’ve no doubt heard about already: Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidency! Regardless of whether or not you’re a Democrat or if you like Hillary’s policies, this is a big deal. It’s not often that women run for president, and especially not in one of the two major parties.

Hillary officially announced her campaign yesterday and posted this video to her website:

Of course, this isn’t Hill’s first time at the rodeo – she actually ran on the Democratic ticket back in 2008 but lost the ballot to Obama. This time around, she’s the first person to seek the nomination for the party for the 2016 election. Do I think she’ll win? Frankly, no. Do I think she’s the best politician ever? No. But I think it’s important she’s out there and I’m interested to see what platform she runs on nonetheless. Now she’d better get on the phone to Katy Perry and get that campaign song she was promised.

This is a celebrity gossip site, as you well know, so perhaps it seems odd to have this news here, but considering that this is such a big thing and effects all of us, I think it’s worth talking about.

On a side note: Holy shit, Hillary Clinton is 67? Time flies!

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  • If she is elected, it will be the end of the middle class. People will either be rich, or poor and barely scraping by. Every year my paychecks get smaller and smaller and taxes paid gets larger and larger. God help us.

    • Unfortunately, a Republican in office ain’t gonna help that and we may not even have jobs to get paychecks from. I don’t know that there are any great candidates this time around, but I’m semi glad I won’t be living in the US when the election comes around as I don’t know if there’s anything good coming!