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Tom Cruise’s life is run by Scientology, duh

tom cruise

In what’s the least surprising bit of news ever, an anonymous “source” came forward recently to tell the world a big fat secret known by few (and by few I mean everyone with a working brain): Tom Cruise‘s entire life is run by Scientology. Literally, every part of it. Surprise!

“Scientologists run Tom’s life,” a source tells Us of Katie Holmes‘ ex, 52. “They are obsessive, and he is brainwashed by them.”

Another insider adds, “Tom has minders with him at all times, and he’s rarely in touch with family members who aren’t Scientologists.”

Yeah, that makes sense to me. But you know what – who cares? At the end of the day, Tom is a grown ass man, and if he wants to let a cult run his life, why not? It’s not hurting anyone else. Except, you know, the people in the “church” who go missing, are ex-communicated or otherwise destroyed for speaking out. Those people might not be so lucky.

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