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Kylie Jenner is promoting anti-aging skincare now

kylie jenner

Because Kylie Jenner is the ripe old age of 17 and not getting any younger, and because you can never have enough millions of dollars, she’s now taken on the role as ambassador of the anti-aging skincare line Nip + Fab. The brand is the cheaper offshoot from the creators of Rodial, and Kylie’s been promo-ing their shit on her Instagram and directing fans to the Ulta website to buy it, which I’m sure these idiots are in droves.

Anyway, Nip + Fab are clearly loving the arrangement, and they’ve even arranged a part on their site entitled “Kylie’s Favorites”. Because, you know, I’m sure she totally uses their products and didn’t just pose whatever was sent to her PR people to post on social media before throwing it away to use something better.

Let’s be honest – 17 years old is WAY too young for anti-aging skincare. You use that when you’re nearing 30. For now, homegirl just needs to properly wash her face and moisturize it – oh, and wear sunscreen. Once she hits her 20s, she can start adding in a toner and serum, but anyone who believes that a 17-year-old is a good ambassador for anti-aging skincare needs a serious grip on reality. Not to mention the fact that employing anyone in the Kardashian/Jenner family for a skincare line is a fool’s errand. They never age – their plastic surgeon would never let that happen.

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