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The Amy Winehouse documentary looks amazing and sad

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse died nearly four years ago, and it’s still pretty hard to believe. I was a massive fan and was rooting for her all the way to the end, but it seemed her demons were just too big for her to beat (and I still think it’s all Blake’s fault). She was an incredible talent, one that was gone far, far before her time, and she was a massive loss to the music world. No one spoke for our generation the way Amy did – so frank, so unfiltered, so emotive. I really miss her a lot.

Director Asif Kapadia has now made a documentary, aptly titled Amy, which followed her life both before and during her fame, and really shows so much love and care for the subject at hand. The movie isn’t due out until July, but we’ve got the first trailer, and it’s really sad:

Sigh. Now I need to go listen to Frank.

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  • I don’t really agree that a drug addict who cared more about her drugs than her family and herself is a massive loss to the world, but ok. She sang songs that some people enjoyed, but it doesn’t erase her crappy decisions or make her a better person. If some homeless drug addict died, it wouldn’t be considered a massive loss. In fact, know one would care and people might be even be happy about it.

    If it’s lame to kiss the butts of musicians and actors and give them special treatment just because they sing songs or act, then I don’t see why we should say she’s any more special than them just because she sang songs and died.

    Plenty of people sing songs and there will be many more to come. Not a massive loss. Oh well. One less rich drug addict buying drugs and boosting the demand in the drug industry.

  • Some people are sick. I find most people that talk trash on the dead won’t say sh!t to someone who is living and breathing to their face. Trash!