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Rihanna pranks Jimmy Kimmel by waking him up at 1am

jimmy kimmel rihanna

Jimmy Kimmel has pulled plenty of pranks in his day, but how often has HE been pranked? Not that often. Rihanna decided to take care of that and showed up at his house at 1am to jump on his bed, throw money and sing her new single at the top of her lungs. (And yes, I’m aware this hit the ‘net yesterday, but it’s good enough to post today.)

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “prank” – to me, a prank entails sorta pulling one over on someone, rather than just turning up and surprising them. Either way, Jimmy’s reaction – or perhaps non-reaction is a better word – is amazing. Imagine being awakened from a dead sleep in the middle of the night by Rihanna? He looks so confused. I love it.

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