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Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse might get engaged soon

bradley cooper suki waterhouse If you’ve been having wet dreams about Bradley Cooper ever since you saw American Sniper, I’m sorry – I have some bad news for you. You probably already knew that Bradley and Suki Waterhouse are an item and have been for a while, but it seems they might be ready to turn up the heat and Bradley may pop the question soon. At least if Suki gets her way!

“Suki says she’s been warming him up to the idea of marriage and he’s starting to get excited about it,” the source tells Us. “It’s up to Bradley to pop the question, of course, but she hopes it happens soon.”

Apparently she wants kids soon, but she’s in luck because Bradley was saying he wants mini Bradleys soon too not all that long ago, so perhaps it’s just a matter of time. What do you think of these two, if anything? Are they really ~meant to be? And more importantly, what did you guys think of American Sniper? I thought it was okay, but REALLY slow at parts. Really messed up story about the reality of war, though. Follow us on Twitter | Facebook

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  • Won’t go see American Sniper, not at all. I have my own “American Sniper” retired a year now from the Army…and the PTSD is going to be the end of us. Having not seen the movie (but knowing the sad end of the story) I really do hope they show the horror for the FAMILY’s sake that is PTSD. (sorry for the soap box) (and cause this is the Internet and likely no will believe…he is (always is/never was) an Army Ranger Sniper).