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Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscars dress returned by thief because the pearls are fake

lupita nyong'o

Ha – talk about poetic justice. The thief who stole Lupita Nyong’o‘s $150,000 pearl Oscars dress got a rude awakening when he attempted to have it appraised, leading to the dress’s return. You see, the dude who lifted the dress from Lupita’s hotel room took two of the pearls to see how much they’re worth, only to find out that they’re fake and therefore pretty much worthless. Uh oh!

TMZ broke the story … the thief called us Friday afternoon and said he took 2 of the pearls down to the Garment District in L.A. and learned they were fake. That’s when he returned the dress to the hotel.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Calvin Klein‘s people never told them if the pearls were real or fake. We’re told the only person who represented the pearls as real and valued the dress at $150K was Lupita’s stylist.

A source directly connected with the Women’s Creative Director of Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa, put it this way to TMZ, “Did anyone ever say they were real from Calvin Klein? I always assumed everyone knew they were fake, but I guess not.”

The source awesomely adds, “Do they really make dresses out of real jewels since Cleopatra died?”

That’s hilarious! Just goes to show that you’re never too famous to wear faux.

The thief was apparently all bent out of shape and said he called TMZ just to “expose Hollywood’s fake bullshit”, but like… what? You’re mad because you stole a dress thinking you were going to get rich and it backfired. I bet he wishes now that he stole Lupita’s Oscars gift bag, which WAS actually worth $125,000. Whoever this idiot is, I’m glad he didn’t make  a penny off his crime.

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  • All I know is that I watched the pre-Oscar show on network television and one of their reporters said her dress was Calvin Klein and made out of pearls. The “source” is an idiot and a liar if he/she didn’t know that 99.9% of viewers would think the pearls were real. The thief sure did. I’m glad that the pearls were fake for 2 reasons: 1. The thief got screwed. 2. I’m glad that the actress had the decency and the taste NOT to wear a f*cking dress made out of real pearls.