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Nick Gordon doesn’t want the police to see his home security footage

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While Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma in a hospital with failing organs and not much hope of ever waking up, the Houston and Brown families have been working to keep Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s fake-husband and possible abuser from seeing her. The police are also said to be investigating him for possible domestic violence, and Nick has been doing everything he can to avoid that questioning. He refused to speak to police in exchange for being allowed to see Bobbi, and he even went so far as to file a restraining order against the police to keep them from getting a hold of private security footage of his and Bobbi’s house. Which, you know, is not at all condemning!

However, Nick seems to have had a change of heart, since he likely realised that being scared shitless to let police see what actually went on in your house when your girlfriend nearly drowned to death (and pretty much did, if you look at it from another angle) probably doesn’t cast him in the best light.

After Gordon’s lawyers Joe S. Habachy and Randall M. Kessler filed the documents, however, a new statement to Us Weekly reveals that Gordon has since changed his mind, in an effort to comply with the police investigation.

“To protect his client’s interests, Mr. Habachy filed the Temporary Restraining Order. However, Mr. Gordon has since elected to dismiss the claim in an effort to help Roswell PD speed up their investigation,” the statement to Us reads.

In the initial filing, Gordon’s lawyer claimed that “The Search Warrant violates the Fourth Amendment in that it is overly broad and seeks private data ‘without limitation,’ and fails to narrowly limit the scope of the data sought by date or other characteristics.” The decision to seek a temporary restraining order came after Gordon received notice from Nest Labs that it had “received ‘legal process’ for data and documents related to the account and that it intended to comply.”

Huh. I don’t see anything good coming from any of this, to be honest. Why is this guy such an asshole and what exactly does he have to hide? Also, if he bought himself some extra time before turning over this footage, can’t he have theoretically destroyed the incriminating bits to spare himself?

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  • If you are innocent or not, if you are ever a suspect you should NEVER talk to the police. The saying anything can and will be used against you is not only true, it can also be said that anything you say can and will be misinterpreted to fit the prosecutions story. The police even using talking to him as a bargaining chip to see Bobby Christina is wrong and could have gotten his statements thrown out of court under duress even if he had spoken to them. Further even if you don’t have something to hide if the warrant was too vague it absolutely should have had a restraining order to stop. If there is footage of the day in question the warrant needs to be specific to that day and a restraining order won’t stop that from getting out in the proper manner- from a legal standpoint his lawyer is a smart man. It has nothing to do with whether or not he is hiding something- it is important legally in every case for it to be handled under the letter of the law. If you follow the “well if you have nothing to hide” approach your basically saying we shouldn’t protect the constitution and can violate anyone’s rights. I’m not going to speak to the veracity of his guilt but you can’t blame a person for protecting themselves. If you ignore your constitutional protections it sets bad precedent for future cases where you might not be so much on the bandwagon of the persons guilt.