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You can relax now – Emma Watson isn’t really dating Prince Harry

prince harry emma watson

Just in case anyone actually believed the bullshit, I can tell you now once and for all that Emma Watson is NOT secretly dating Prince Harry or vice versa. After people started going batshit at the idea of Hermione becoming a princess, Emma herself took to Twitter to dispel the rumours and remind everyone to use their brains once in a while.

Well, duh. How did anyone even entertain this as anything more than the level of tabloid fodder you’d expect to find next to a feature about a woman who gave birth to a half lizard, half human baby? Are people really THAT stupid? (Don’t answer that question – it answers itself.)

Anyway, you know what that means, ladies – Harry’s still availableeeeee! Wouldn’t Kate Middleton be an awesome sister-in-law?

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