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Justin Bieber loves prank phone calls

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Justin Bieber is continuing his “I’ve Changed” tour and appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show for the third time this month on Monday. Apparently he’s promised to appear on the show whenever he’s in LA, because there’s nothing more wholesome to align yourself with than Ellen.

Anyhoo, Justin admitted yesterday that he just loooooves prank phone calls (because it’s 1995 and he’s a 13-year-old girl), so he and Ellen decided to prank one of JB’s biggest fans. The fan is a student at UMass who’s doing really well at school – but Justin decided to do his best (worst) English accent and pretend to be the Dean of the English Department to tell her she was failing out. What results is meant to be hilarious, I suppose:

I mean… LOL? I love pranks as much as the next person, but I suppose I just can’t warm to JB.

What do you think? Funny or desperate?

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