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Charlie Sheen lashes out at the Brian Williams “witch hunt”

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Brian Williams was suspended from NBC News for 6 months after it was discovered that he’s a liar liar pants on fire, and while most people believe that this was a more than fair punishment and that he was lucky to keep his job, others aren’t so pleased about the news anchor being taken to task. One such person is Charlie Sheen, who feels so passionately about this issue that he actually wrote an email to TMZ to express his outrage.

Dear Mr. Williams, Sorry to bother you during this most surreal, unjust and mercurial moment in your awesome life. First off, THANK YOU, for 24 years of inimitable professionalism and top shelf brilliance, as a stone cold passion driven and (PERFECTLY) fact based journalist.

Secondly, Thank you “squared” for delivering not only the news on a nightly basis, (PERFECTLY) to myself and my family. But for every other person alive, (with a TV) who relied and still do, on your poetic, insightful and NOBLE sacrifices, that made our longest nights shorter, and our shortest nights safer.

You good sir, are a hero in my “Entire Library”

Lastly; you are clearly the victim of a transparent and vile witch hunt! Erroneously “staged” by hooligans, non coms, cowards and oligarchs, who’s only desperate and hideous goal is to discredit the genius that they relied on for almost 3 decades!

Now and forever you are a true Patriot and a Hero of mine until the day i leave this star crossed imperfect Rock we call Earth…

Mr W: respect love hi 5’s and refuge! (if you need it!) I remain humbly and on dangerous standby at your service…. I am; the MaSheen….

Yikes. Good to see Charlie’s still hitting the narcotics so hard. Of everything Brian Williams needs in his life right now, support from a coked-out maniac is prooooobably not one of them. I guess this is the only way he can get press now? Sad.

Also, I don’t think Charlie really has any sense of right or wrong, so it makes sense that he would see someone being punished for his behaviour as a “witch hunt”. This whole thing is so bizarre.

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  • I love, love … LOVE! the fact that he refers to himself as ‘the MaSheen’! It’s awesomely sad. I hope that dude lives forever because he simply has to be enjoyed by the generations that follow.