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Jon Stewart is leaving ‘The Daily Show’ later this year

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Aw, man. First we lost Colbert and now this bullshit? That’s right – it’s official: Jon Stewart will be leaving The Daily Show later in 2015. Comedy Central released a statement last night that made the internet go crazy (or, you know, crazier than usual) and made those who have watched and loved the show for so many years really, really sad.

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It remains to be seen when exactly the last broadcast will be, but we’ll be saying goodbye to Stewart before 2015 is through. It really is a shame – without Colbert and Stewart, where will most millennial Americans get their snarky version of the news? Or, you know, the news at all? Will they actually start reading NEWSPAPERS? Is that still a thing?! (And yes, that’s sarcasm.)

It has been going for 16 years now (amazing!) so it’s only natural that Jon is probably ready to move onto the next phase of his life – perhaps full time writing/producing/directing of films? Who knows, but it’ll be awful to see him go.

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  • You’re mourning their loss? Just proves your the leftist you coyly try to avoid stating.
    They are not in the least bit funny or entertaining or informative.. Unless of course you have s**t for brains.