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Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks ride the subway

helen mirren

Stars – they’re just like us! We’ve all got places to be and a limited amount of time, so it’s only natural that some celebs would be smart about the whole affair, skip the traffic on the streets and hit public transport. That’s exactly what Dame Helen Mirren decided to do when she hit up the R train over the weekend. Where was she going? Why the R train – doesn’t she know the Q & N run express?

Dame Helen isn’t the only one traveling smart – Tom Hanks also hit up the 1 train recently… and took up 2 seats, no less!

tom hanks

Tsk tsk. I guess it’s okay since it wasn’t rush hour.

Have you ever been on a bus/train/plane with a famous person? I have a few times, but my very first experience was back in 2004 when Paris Hilton was on my Virgin America flight from LAX to JFK.

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  • Many years ago I was flying home from Raleigh NC and sitting in the back across from a model who I thought looked like Brooke Shields.I really didn’t think it was her though because she was in Raleigh. I kept staring at her and when we got off in LaGuardia we were pretty much side by side walking down the ramp and ppl were looking at this girl who was about 6 inches taller than me. I didn’t say anything to her because I still didn’t think it was her. Three weeks later I read in Page Six about Brooke talking about a recent photo shoot she did in Charlotte NC. :( So I beat my head up at lost opportunity.

    • Little Nells, a bar in Aspen Co, circa 1983ish. Drinking heavily after a great day on snow, various substances had been ingested. Brooke Shields walks in dressed head to toe in endangered species, completely covered in fur. I start thinking I just might have a chance, hope springs eternal in the male gonad. Long story short, my buddies girlfriend took one look at her & started screaming about the “caterpillars” over Brooks eyes….. Saw the full eyebrows & flat freaked the fuck out. Spoiled any chance I might have had when we were asked to leave…..THANKS ANN!