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People are freaking out over a picture of Willow Smith’s boobs that don’t exist

willow smith

Sure, everyone would pretty much agree that Willow Smith, who is now 14 years old, has always been a bit ahead of her time and is probably growing up too fast. That being said, all of Instagram got in a tizzy yesterday when Willow posted the above photo of herself and commenters began ranting about how a child could post a photo of her breasts on the Internet. WHAT ABOUT THE PEDOPHILES?!

Well, anyone with a set of eyes and a working brain can tell that Willow is wearing a t-shirt (less obviously, it’s a Jean-Paul Gaultier t-shirt) and that no, she has not posed topless. Even large entertainment publications were losing their shit, with Life&Style going so far as to call the top “nothing short of provocative”. Uh… okey doke.

It’s a t-shirt with breasts on it. So what? If she was wearing a top that showed a man’s naked top half, I guarantee you it would never have been reposted or caused such an uproar, but since it’s a woman… of course it’s “provocative” or “inappropriate”. Newsflash, puritans – women have breasts and it’s not a big deal.

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