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Lena Dunham Set To Ruin The Simpsons

"Girls" Season Four Premiere - Arrivals

Yeah, you read that headline right. I am so over Lena Dunham and I’m not going to apologize for it. Ms. Dunham is set to ruin appear on an episode of The Simpsons as a potential love interest for…Homer. Wha??? Here’s more, via Uproxx:

According to Entertainment Weekly, the episode titled “Every Man’s Dream” is going to be yet another episode about Homer and Marge’s marital problems (after 26 seasons there are only so many ideas), but this time Homer meets an alluring twenty-something pharmacist named “Candace,” who will be played by Dunham.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean says that the script, which was penned by Stewart Burns, supposedly takes a “completely different direction” than any of the many previous marriage crisis episodes.

[…] The character of Candace was tailor-made for the candid Girls creator-producer-writer-actress. “She’s not playing herself or Hannah from Girls,” notes Jean. “But it’s that funny, intellectual, slightly awkward, endearing tone that everybody’s familiar with, so we were just writing it with her voice in our heads.”

For those wondering if Candace sheds any of her animated clothes in this episode, Jean simply teases: “She has tattoos—and we see some of them.”

Goddamnit, why do people give Lena Dunham everything? Can’t she just leave The Simpsons alone? Although let’s be real, that shows been wrecked long before she got her mitts onto it. But come on, really? Lena Dunham? I guess I just can’t appreciate her the way Taylor Swift does.

What do you guys think? Will you be watching?

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  • The Simpsons needs to finish. Like, it’s long overdue. I am a lifelong Simpsons fan but the new episodes are for the most part absolutely unbearable.

  • if Homers mid life crisis involves Dunham he needs to do himself a favor and blow his brains out. :(

  • Lena’s character is so much thinner and cuter than Lena. Marge Simpson is a hottie. What is Homer thinking? That dog. They can eat donuts and drink beer together.